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Youji Solemn Rain by luciferdarkness Youji Solemn Rain :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 2 take_me_folken_desktop by luciferdarkness take_me_folken_desktop :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 3 I am nothing. by luciferdarkness I am nothing. :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 2 snarl. by luciferdarkness snarl. :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 3 .hiding. by luciferdarkness .hiding. :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 1 3 Caeil - colored by luciferdarkness Caeil - colored :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 5 Asshole Smoker by Zerachiel. by luciferdarkness Asshole Smoker by Zerachiel. :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 1 8 Crosslay by luciferdarkness Crosslay :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 1
A Ghost in my Closet.
There's a ghost in my closet
I don't know where to find him
The moment I open the door
His desperate shriek
tears my skin away
My fingernails bleed
When I ask his name
So I close my closet
And wait till another day
When I can bribe him out
There's a ghost in my closet
He tries on my clothes
And taunts me with names
He destroys my confidence
"There is no color here."
And I tell him to come out
And his shriek
tears my heart from my chest
I fall to the floor
So I wait to touch the door
Until the next sundown
There's a ghost in my closet
He's my only friend
He tears me apart piece by piece
Day by day until
There's nothing left
But the ghost in my closet.
When I bleed on the floor
My heart throbbing in
Clammy hands
The ghost in my closet
Sits beside me.
And puts the clothes
in my closet
On my holey body
until all bleeds through
"Red is the color of life."
There's a ghost in my closet
He crawls away from me
'Cross my floor and to the window sill
Soulless eyes peer down
Retracting rainy moonl
:iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 7
.:Cow in Mist:.
I graze in the grass
with my eyes closed
The circle of emerald light
beckons me
With the simplest step
I fall into the cooling pool
my hooves disappear before me
The mystic lake of life
brings nothing but death after all
I watch with cold brown orbs
as skin decays from my bones
and muscle becomes no more than
mush below me.
My bones change into paper thin ice
- and I decay into nothingness.
:iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 3
Lucifer's Storm
moisture fills my nostrils and i see
the crash and fall of endless waves
velvety crimson black
feathers from a wing gone tattered
eternal depths of the earth
he's falling
lucifer, the first star born
a fallen star plummeting
to unassured compromise
below waves colder than death
:iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 5
My Desktop. by luciferdarkness My Desktop. :iconluciferdarkness:luciferdarkness 0 1


Orig: Winter - TialaOrin by chibbit Orig: Winter - TialaOrin :iconchibbit:chibbit 18 10 + mantrap by kiyo + mantrap :iconkiyo:kiyo 268 118 Shiver by zerachiel Shiver :iconzerachiel:zerachiel 12 28 the transmutation of flesh by arcane-angelicum the transmutation of flesh :iconarcane-angelicum:arcane-angelicum 26 32 - Beyond the Veil - by cat-cat - Beyond the Veil - :iconcat-cat:cat-cat 499 94 help by raumzeit help :iconraumzeit:raumzeit 185 158 The Happy Bouncing Rock Speaks by semisequestered The Happy Bouncing Rock Speaks :iconsemisequestered:semisequestered 132 120 Lord of the Rings by nanami-yuki Lord of the Rings :iconnanami-yuki:nanami-yuki 199 99 serve and obey + CHAOS LEGION by kiyo serve and obey + CHAOS LEGION :iconkiyo:kiyo 2,496 492 Zodiak: Capricorn and Cancer by ming85 Zodiak: Capricorn and Cancer :iconming85:ming85 770 145



+ following my own ruptured eyes
United States
Cleaned up the gallery.  Wanted to get rid of it all... but I kept some.  I hate this place. >_< I've moved elsewhere, though I still seem to realize there is probably no online gallery that I could use to display the icons or wallpapers I created and manipulated, since the entirety of the wallpapers and such are not drawn all by me.  I think in the past I made some semi interesting things like this, and being not a drawing type artist, it was a nice way to express myself, even though it seems it should not be allowed because everything was not created all on my own.  

So I give up.  I left what I will, but I will never update here again.  I may just end up deleting the entire account, as soon as I see how. Ha.

This site made me hate my stuff more than ever, and the small inspiration that I thought I had to keep going, sort of died with their attempts.  Thank you, and adieu.


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morning-star1 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool username X3
Luddieieieee Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there!!

I am from the ~KH-Yaoi to reguarding to talk about getting all the members to be a bit closer to make the KH-Yaoi club better :D
anonymousfangirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2006
Hi! I am in the KHYaoi club and thought that I should take the time to get to know my fellow KHYaoi members. So, Iím just dropping in to say hi!
gaux-gaux Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2005
thanks so much for the watch! :glomp:
nuriko-maxwell Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
Merry holidays! ^_^
nuriko-maxwell Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2004
Yo-ness if I wasnt so tyered I might make a good comment about god knows what, pickles >_< but since thats not happening and I am at a point in time were I cant even speel them word spell and really stupid stuff like that.... So hows life :passes out:
grimrippy Featured By Owner May 1, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My spleen will eat your spleen and the spleeness of it all will... be our doom.
luciferdarkness Featured By Owner May 23, 2004
I am... terrified... sorta. Well I guess it wouldn't make much sense to be terrified of a little short punky brat with eartails, now would it? *tail swish, smirk and tugs on them* ^^ hehheh.
grimrippy Featured By Owner May 23, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hn.... well... I think you should learn... WAH HA HA *dies of heartattack*
yelosnowbunny Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2004
jus passin' thru ;)

:fuzzydemon: ~ysb
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